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Honest, ethical business practices foster healthy, thriving communities.

The owners and employees of Atkins Building Services and Product, Inc. believe that the Missouri heartland is a great place to live and grow. As your neighbors, we strive to provide our best work—with personal attention and professional efforts.

We are a family-owned company, tracing our “roots” to Boone County, Missouri, where the Atkins family settled in the mid 1800s.

Today, Atkins Inc. employs nearly 500 people at locations in Columbia, Jefferson City and surrounding mid-Missouri towns. Our business includes:

  • Commercial Cleaning and Special Services
  • Pest Management Services
  • Turf and Tree grounds maintenance
  • Holiday and landscape lighting
  • Invisible Pet Fencing
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance

We offer diverse services with a dual emphasis on service and quality. We are proud of what we do and how we do it.

We’ve always been a company where our owners and staff know our customers by name. We are “front porch friendly.” And that’s a practice we intend to continue. For almost a century, our business formula has been down-home: treat people right, be honest, work as a team, celebrate successes and exceed the customer’s expectations.

Four Generations

Our company got its start with Thomas E. Atkins Sr., who began mixing minerals and de-wormer products for livestock in 1908 on his Boone Country farm. His products worked—and area farmers became satisfied customers.

In 1925, the Atkins family moved to Columbia, Mo. As his reputation for quality agricultural chemicals grew, Thomas Sr. was asked by the City of Columbia to provide janitorial supplies and equipment. That was in 1932, and by then Thomas E. Atkins Jr.—who was known as “Country”—had joined the business.

Through the years that followed, Atkins’ business included agricultural products, janitorial equipment and supplies and lawn chemicals. During four decades of cultural and agricultural development, some business activities were discontinued while other opportunities opened.

In 1961, Country’s son, Thomas E. Atkins III, joined the company as the warehouse supervisor and purchasing agent for the janitorial supply business. A year later, he bought half the company. And nine years later acquired the remaining interest.

Atkins’ building maintenance services began in 1969 with janitorial services for a local business. Building maintenance grew during the 1970s, and we added pest management, grounds maintenance and irrigation companies. Those companies were merged into Atkins Building Services and Products, Inc. in 1979.

As the company expanded its four divisions during the 1970s, a fourth generation—Scott Atkins, the son of Tom III—joined the business.

Preservation and Community Involvement

Scott Atkins brought a passion for real estate development and restoration. Together, Thomas III and Scott have developed residential properties and restored a number of commercial properties in Columbia. Our company office, at 1123 Wilkes Blvd. in Columbia, is one result of their historic preservation efforts.

The Atkins family gives back to the community with volunteer service that ranges from coaching children’s sports to membership on boards of universities and civic organizations. Among their significant gifts are the start of a wellness program at the University of Missouri and a city-country youth recreation complex in Columbia.

Do the Best Job

“My dad, Country, used to say, ‘No matter what you do, do the best job you know how to do. If you’re going to dig ditches, dig the best ditch you possibly can.’”

“I think the community supports us because we are all part of this community, not just as an organization, but as individuals …we want the place where we live to be a vibrant, thriving community, and we strive to do business in a way that supports that.”

Thomas E. Atkins III

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