Safe, Effective Treatment of Bedbugs

You can rely on the experience and expertise of Atkins Pest Management for safe and effective management of bedbug issues. Our service includes both heat remediation and spray treatment. Then we follow up to assure results.

Bedbugs can find their way into houses, hotels or multi-family residences. The threat of bedbugs is rising due to more frequent travel, exchange of second-hand furnishings and increasing resistance to pesticides.

While bedbugs are not known to transmit disease, their bites can result in skin rashes and allergic symptoms. The bites can be painful, affecting sleep and work performance.

The pests are hitchhikers, invading a home or commercial establishment via luggage, backpacks, diaper bags or even pants cuffs or shoe soles. They may be found in locations where human hosts spend longer times—places like beds, couches, easy chairs or wheelchairs.

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When you call on Atkins Pest Management, this is what we will do:

  • Inspect your home free of charge to confirm bedbug presence
  • Prepare an assessment of services to be provided
  • Provide a list of owner preparations
  • Provide a bid
  • Heat treat all rooms
  • Spray treat all rooms
  • Follow up to assure effectiveness

Our Treatment Methods

Some pest control services may apply only individual heat or spray treatments to bedbug infestations. When you call on Atkins Pest Management, your home or facilities will receive a two-level treatment using heat followed by spray. Then we follow up within two weeks to assure the treatment has been effective.

We apply a heat treatment to kill the insects, adults and eggs. We seek to heat a room evenly to 135 degrees, close it off and move to another room. After the heat process, we apply a product to prevent further infestation. Depending on the size of a home, the process may take four to six hours.

Most often, we treat rooms with furnishings within them. However, when necessary for effective treatment, we can remove items for treatment in a specially equipped truck.

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Preparation and Precautions

Because our bedbug remediation uses higher than normal temperatures, it is important that customers carefully follow our Pre-Project Checklist. The list details items—including but not limited to medications, aerosol items, petroleum products and ammunition—that must be removed prior to treatment.

At the time of the initial call and inspection, our Atkins technician will explain the process and will review the Pre-Project Checklist with you. Prior to beginning the treatment, our technicians will review all rooms to assure that the treatment can be conducted safely.

Trained, Certified Technicians

First, you should know that Atkins technicians have the training that is necessary for effective treatment methods and proper use of products. Our technicians have long-term experience within our Pest Management division. Most importantly, they know to arrive promptly, treat our customers courteously and respect property.

Our technicians go through a year of on-the-job training prior to completing the test to be licensed as a Commercial Applicator by the State of Missouri. And our technicians stay current through seminars, conferences and professional organizations. Atkins also maintains an informational library for our workers.

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