“Success brings success” when it comes to your landscape. Healthy, green, dense lawns lend the best appearance for your home or commercial property. Note, too, that maintaining healthy, dense grass is the best defense against weed infestations.

With Atkins you get more than four decades of experience in grounds maintenance. As a locally owned company, we understand the Central Missouri environment. We know how our soils, weather and other factors affect lawns and landscape plants.

Most importantly, “We look after your property as if it were our own.”

Atkins grounds crews are some of the most seasoned in this area. Our technicians are trained in the proper use of equipment and materials and licensed or certified in their area of specialty by the State of Missouri.

Quality is important, so your property is regularly monitored by our area managers. If our area managers or technicians see an issue, they will discuss it with you. Plus, we provide a free turf service visit to meet with you on your property to discuss any issues or new needs that may arise during the course of the season.

For healthy, beautiful landscapes year-round, call on Atkins Grounds Maintenance for experienced professional service. Always expert results.

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Soil aeration is the process of breaking though the soil surface and opening an avenue for water, nutrients and air exchange. With core aeration, the soil cores also bring soil microbes to the surface to help break down the thatch layer.

Some grass types will actually spread more aggressively if they are aerated (Zoysia and Bermuda grass especially). Core aerating can also be used to open the soil to provide space for cool season grass seed to germinate and improve turf density (Turf Type Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass primarily).


Think of seeding as an effective way to prevent weeds. Weeds are opportunistic: they will take root in any bare spot or void in your stand of grass.

Not only does grass look better, it also helps to hold the soil. Sloped ground infested with weeds will be more susceptible to soil erosion issues than a dense stand of turf.

We have several processes for seeding, and our technicians will recommend the best method for your situation. Among the options and equipment choices: “slicing” the seed into the ground, core aerating and over-seeding, or “seedavating” (aerating, fluffing the soil and seeding at the same time).

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