Lawn Mowing

Healthy lawns are more than a product of fertilization and weed control. Proper mowing and trimming will avoid scalping the turf or disturbing the soil—which can lead to weed issues.

We at Atkins Grounds Maintenance understand the many dimensions to keeping your lawn and landscape in the best condition. We understand Central Missouri’s soil issues, weather and environmental conditions. With that knowledge, our crews provide expert mowing services that coordinate with your fertilizing, weed control and irrigation programs. 

This message bears repeating: Atkins Grounds crews are among the most experienced in central Missouri. While they cut, trim and edge your lawn, our crews also monitor your lawn and landscape for health and pest issues.

Mowing Practices

Effective mowing practices involve more than just operating machinery. Our crews pay attention to weather, rainfall and other conditions in order to treat your property as if it is our own.

  • We mow “as needed” depending on the growing season and weather.
  • We vary mowing directions to avoid “tracks” or patterns in your grass.
  • We adjust mowing height according to environmental conditions such as rainfall and temperature.
  • We maintain our equipment for clean cuts and less turf stress.

Our mowing crews add more eyes to your property because they are trained in the lawn care side of the business. They are not just cutting grass; they are monitoring your property as well. They understand the management practices that will help determine the level of weed control on the property.

For healthy, beautiful landscapes year-round, call on Atkins Grounds Maintenance for experienced professional service. Always expert results.

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Expert Care

We provide expertise to keep your lawn and landscape healthy and growing. With trained and certified technicians and 40 years experience, Atkins Grounds Maintenance is one of the foremost experts in lawn care in Central Missouri.

As they mow, our crews will identify issues that need attention and will alert our area managers. Our area managers will maintain regular contact with you to discuss issues that you and our crews identify. As they regularly monitor our work, these area managers also provide free service visits to meet with you to discuss current or prospective needs for the care of your property.

Service Accountability

Our residential and commercial clients have a real person to contact for services or concerns. You have face-to-face contact with our area managers who also oversee our technicians. Our area managers are in the neighborhoods regularly to monitor the properties we care for.

To learn how Atkins Ground Maintenance can serve your lawn and landscape needs, call 1-800-982-6933 (toll-free everywhere) or please go to Contact Us on this website. Either way we will put you in touch with an area manager in your neighborhood.


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