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Are you looking for a reliable tree service to provide your home or business with tree or shrub care? The experienced professionals at Atkins are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive tree care across all phases of the tree lifecycle. From pruning and fertilization to “disease” treatment and insect pest management, Atkins is here to work for you. Furthermore, our team of experts, including licensed arborists, understand that no two properties and no two trees are exactly alike, which is why we pride ourselves on providing our customers with individualized plans that meet their specific needs for their tree and shrub care.

Our basic ornamental tree and shrub program includes 3 insect and disease applications, a spring dormant oil and a fall root zone fertilization, but we also offer a wide variety of specialty applications. Your personalized tree and shrub program may include some of the following:

  • Dormant Oil – Done once a year during the late winter/early spring dormant season, this application is quite effective against overwintering insect pests.
  • Liquid Lime Sulfur – This application kills fungal pathogens on contact and must be applied before bud break because of its phytotoxic properties.
  • Vascular Tree Treatment – Performed either as a trunk or root-drench treatment, this application combines any number of systemic insecticides, nutrients, growth retardants, fruit inhibitors and/or bio-stimulants. This is also how we are able to effectively treat those 100 foot tall trees out there.
  • Summer Tree Fertilization – This application is generally completed in the early summer and helps plants handle the stress of hot St. Louis summers by conserving much needed nutrients and providing support to cell tissue.
  • Miticides – There are two primary groupings of mites, cool season mites and warm season mites. We use a specialized application that controls all stages of mite development (egg, nymph and adult) to ensure the lifecycle is effectively terminated.
  • Bagworm Treatment – This application targets caterpillars which form protective bags made of material from the host plant. These pests are most prevalent in the summer months and under heavy feeding pressure bagworms have the ability to kill small trees rather quickly.
  • Fall Tree Fertilization – This application is completed late fall by a soil injection technique that allows for higher absorption rates by the root system.
  • Japanese Beetle – Japanese beetle infestations can defoliate an entire tree in days. Insecticide treatments can protect new growth during peak summer activity.
  • Cedar Apple Rust – Spores from gelatinous galls on cedars are spread by wind and rain in early spring to apples, crabapples, hawthorn, quince and some pear trees. We use a three part foliar systemic fungicide that travels through the tree and reduces pathogen levels.
  • Fire Blight – Protect your trees and shrubs from a bacterial disease that infects new spring growth (leaves and stems). Fire blight is spread during warm, wet spring season by bees, rain and wind.
  • EAB/Borer Control – Time is of the essence when you’re dealing with Emerald Ash Borers. In order to prevent your Ash tree from becoming infested, we recommend a preventative stem or soil injection treatment, depending on the size of your tree.
  • Stress Fighter – This application is to help plants regain healthy vigor by treating stress from both environmental and biological factors. Biostimulants, fertilizers, micro-nutrient packages, organic fungicides and even growth regulators may be used as part of the treatment.

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And while we always hope that we can identify potential issues before they arise, should you have a declining tree or shrub that requires immediate attention, the Atkins team of professionals are here to help. We have extensive experience diagnosing and subsequently treating existing disease infections and insect infestations, including emerald ash borers.

If the Atkins philosophy of customized tree and shrub care sounds like the right type of tree service for your residential or commercial property, we encourage you to reach out and schedule a no-obligation consultation today.

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