Trim, Shape and Contour Pruning of Ornamentals

At Atkins, we love your trees like they are our own. We are the leading tree and shrub experts in Columbia MO and surrounding communities. Proper pruning not only helps you maintain tree health and superior looking trees, but it is also one of single best ways to ensure that your residential or commercial property is safe. Our team of arborists and highly skilled tree technicians understand that proper pruning and tree trimming techniques are necessary to prevent damage to your trees. The Atkins tree cutting service specialists utilize a variety of pruning and trimming techniques to help you best maintain your ornamental trees and shrubs, including:

  • Cleaning – Removal of dead, dying, diseased and crowded branches from the crown of the tree.
  • Thinning – Precise removal of select live branches to enhance light penetration and air circulation. This allows for enhanced airflow through the crown of the tree to help mitigate the risks associated with strong wind damage and helps with preventing disease.
  • Shaping – Manicure your trees and shrubs using precise trimming techniques for optimal aesthetic appeal.

Your ornamental trees and shrubs require specific pruning techniques. Haphazard or improper tree trimming techniques will likely put your beloved trees at risk. As one of the few grounds maintenance companies in central Missouri that employs a certified arborist, you can rest assured that all tree trimming and tree pruning services provided by Atkins are done with your landscape’s best interest in mind.

For healthy, beautiful landscapes year-round, call on Atkins Grounds Maintenance for experienced professional service. Always expert results.

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Let our trained professionals evaluate your home or business and make recommendations to ensure you are providing optimal long term tree and shrub care. We work directly with each of our clients to develop a customized plan meets their specific tree needs. Contact Atkins today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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