DogWatch Hidden Fence system

Keep your pets happy and safe with a DogWatch Hidden Fence system. We install 40 to 50 fences a year, and our staff has the expertise to install yours. Give your pet freedom to roam your entire yard — and off the street.


Atkins handles DogWatch Hidden Fence systems for Columbia, Jefferson City and the central Missouri area. With this system, you eliminate an above ground fence bordering your property. Unlike more costly wooden or chain link dog fences, your pet can’t jump over or dig under a DogWatch fence.

DogWatch uses a FM signal, which is superior to the AM signal used by other invisible fence products.

A DogWatch system also will save you money in the long run.

  • You buy the batteries from the local battery store. Other products require you to order from the manufacturer — a difference of about $15 compared to $60 per year.
  • Our batteries last about two years; the others last a year or less.
  • DogWatch is user-friendly, allowing you to set the range with your home control device. Our competitors require a service call at $75 to $100 per visit.

Protect your pets with safe, efficient installations from Atkins with Dog Watch Hidden Pet fence. We will design and install the DogWatch Hidden Pet Fencing to fit your situation.

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Custom Design

Atkins Dog Watch Hidden Pet fence can design a fence to meet your needs. While keeping your pet in the yard, we can arrange to keep your furry friend away from your garden or pool.

We also can design an indoor system that will keep your dog out of the kitty litter or off the couch. With our indoor systems, your pet uses the same receiver collar as our outdoor system and can be contained anywhere you like.

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