Irrigation Installation

Atkins Grounds Maintenance will help you meet your goals for greener grass and brighter flowers on your residential or commercial landscape. We can install an efficient irrigation system that will save both time and water.

We have the skills and experience with all types of irrigation: from sports fields to homes and large complexes to landscape beds. We can install a system that is supplied from city water, a pump from a pond or off a well. Our systems range from traditional residential to large commercial entailing hundreds of zones.

Our goal is an irrigation system that gives you the green grass and bright landscapes you will be proud to call your own.

Meeting Your Goals

When you hire Atkins for irrigation installation,we will:

  • Meet you on site to learn exactly what your goals are for the system.
  • Discuss options to accommodate any unique aspects of your plantings and turf.
  • Design a system that makes efficient use of water by implementing high efficiency sprinkler heads and appropriate spacing.
  • Provide you with a cost estimate and installation timetable that will meet your needs.

Our irrigation specialists stay educated on available technologies and trade practices and match equipment that is best for our customers as well as the weather and soil conditions of the area. Depending on our customers’ preference, we can install a smart controller that provides access via a smartphone app or a basic controller that offers simplicity.

With installation, our goal is to return your turf and landscape to the same condition as when we started. We use a vibrating plow to install pipe. This plow cuts the soil to insert the pipe. If we must dig a hole in existing turf, we make sure to remove the sod before digging; then we replace the sod when done.

For healthy, beautiful landscapes year-round, call on Atkins Grounds Maintenance for experienced professional service. Always expert results.

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Staffed to Serve

Our technicians have years of experience with irrigation installation and service. Their experience —plus ongoing education about technology advancements, soil and vegetation research and area weather variations — is focused on creating the best system for our customers.

At Atkins, we emphasize that our staff is thoroughly competent to advise and serve our customers, whether it’s planning an irrigation system or installing and operating irrigation for the best results. Our crews are courteous, arrive on time, work carefully and get the job done.

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