Water is essential for beautiful lawns and ornamental shrubs, and automatic sprinkler systems can save you time, money and water. For skilled services—from design and installation to servicing an existing system and seasonal maintenance—you can rely on the irrigation services offered by Atkins Ground Maintenance.

  • We can design and install or renovate irrigation systems to suit your lawn and landscape needs. Our experts can install your new system with minimal to no damage to your existing lawn and landscape beds.
  • We get your system working effectively in the spring and winterize your system in the fall.
  • We can check the systems’ coverage, program the controller and perform backflow prevention device inspections for irrigation systems.
  • We can also provide backflow prevention device inspections and reports for commercial buildings.
  • We can service and maintain water features such as fountains and water falls on your property.

Too much water? Ask our service managers in your area to help you improve drainage or bury downspouts to keep water from pooling in your lawn or walkways.

For healthy, beautiful landscapes year-round, call on Atkins Grounds Maintenance for experienced professional service. Always expert results.

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Expertise and Equipment

Our technicians are trained in basic hydraulics and water needs for various landscape plants and turf varieties. Our irrigation service technicians are certified for testing and repairing backflow prevention devices through professional associations such as the American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) and American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA).

Technology continues to improve the accuracy of irrigation heads and controllers. Atkins is committed to installing the most up-to-date equipment, and that means we also keep our technicians up-to-date on the equipment, tools and methods to assure efficient and accurate operation.

Atkins is committed to strict standards for customer service, holding our employees to high personal and professional standards. Our hiring practices include background screening and drug testing. And, we make sure our technicians are well trained in treatment methods and equipment use. Our environmental stewardship includes ongoing training in the most effective industry and environmental treatment measures.

Atkins is truly “front porch friendly.” Your home is our home, your landscape is our landscape, our people are your people.

Service Accountability

Our residential and commercial clients have a real person to contact for services or concerns. You have face-to-face contact with our area managers who also oversee our technicians and regularly monitor our clients’ properties.

To learn how Atkins Ground Maintenance can serve your lawn and landscape needs, call 1-888-886-8543 (toll-free everywhere) or please go to Contact Us on this website. Either way we will put you in touch with an area manager in your neighborhood.

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