Irrigation Service and Commercial Backflow Inspection

Let Atkins Ground Maintenance make your life easier by effectively managing your irrigation system and your compliance with local water regulations.

  • Seasonal service and regular monitoring by our irrigation service experts will help your landscape thrive while making efficient use of your water.
  • With annual backflow inspections by our certified technicians, your home or business will meet local regulations and help protect the public water supply.

At Atkins we emphasize customer service, prompt response and courteous work done by competent, qualified technicians.

We look after your property as if it were our own.

Irrigation Service

We can customize irrigation service plans for your commercial or residential landscapes.

Basic services include:

  • Spring Start-up and Backflow Inspection: turn your water on, test the irrigation backflow, file the backflow inspection report with your water purveyor, check the entire system, adjust sprinkler heads and notify you of any other issues that need repaired or replaced.
  • Fall Winterization: turn off water supply and use air to blow water out of the lines. We go through each zone twice to prevent broken lines and heads due to freezing temperatures.

We also offer regular system checks for optimal results:

  • Check your system, adjust heads and notify you of any repairs needed.
  • Adjust your irrigation controller to make sure your landscape receives the right amount of water according to the season and weather conditions.

With all these services, our objective is to help you, the customer, maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape: “We look after your property as if it were our own.”

For healthy, beautiful landscapes year-round, call on Atkins Grounds Maintenance for experienced professional service. Always expert results.

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Commercial Backflow Inspections

Commercial properties are required by local and national codes to have a backflow device installed on their water supply line and that it be tested annually. This device keeps water from flowing backwards and contaminating the public water supply.

When our certified technicians perform backflow inspections, they will test to assure all check valves operate at or above the required specifications and that all shutoffs close properly. We also will file the necessary inspection reports with your local water purveyor.

With these inspections, we at Atkins recognize our responsibility to help our commercial and residential customers meet their obligations for safe and healthy public water supplies.

(Please note that we do not test fire suppression backflows.)

Skilled, Experienced Technicians

Our technicians — some with 20-plus years of experience — are among the most qualified in Central Missouri. Their experience, coupled with regular training on materials and methods, enables us to work from a deep knowledge base.

Our backflow inspections — for both irrigation and commercial applications — are conducted by technicians certified by ASSE (American Society of Sanitary Engineering) or ABPA (American Backflow Prevention Association). These certifications are renewed every three years and include reviews and updates regarding equipment, methods and codes.

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