Termite Inspection and Management—Guaranteed

Termite damage can go undetected—and if not treated, the wood-eating insects can cause structural damage and destroy wood surfaces. Once in a building, termites also can damage paper, cloth carpets and other materials.

For a free termite inspection, call on Atkins Pest Management. Our technicians can help if you suspect termites are in your current building. If you are buying or selling a building, our staff will inspect the home or building and provide a comprehensive termite report for $50. We will send the report to your agent or lender.

Learn more about termites in our Pest Library.

We stand behind our work: If termites are discovered within a year after our termite inspection report, we will treat the house or building free of charge in line with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) guidelines

Experienced, Certified Technicians

When Atkins technicians conduct an inspection, they look at every level of the building. Since termites tend to infest the ground around a building, we give special attention to the lowest levels—basements, crawl spaces, under porches.

Atkins employees are Missouri State Certified Applicators, having passed tests for general pest control and wood destroying insects. (Any technicians-in-training work under the supervision of certified applicators.) Beyond studying for the state tests, our crews attend seminars, webinars, and industry presentations. We keep a library of publications and materials reviewing current products and research.

Atkins Pest Management is proud of our customer service. We want our employees to be well trained and state certified, and we expect them to be competent, honest, and customer-friendly. Many of our technicians have worked with us for years, so they are experienced in pest management. With knowledge of their trade, they also are willing and capable to explain the services being provided to you.

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Termite Management

Should you need a termite treatment, our technicians will follow these procedures:

  • Inspect the entire home or building
  • Draw up a work pattern to assure success
  • Provide you a bid for the work
  • Sit with you to explain the process

If you choose to have Atkins Pest Management do your work, our technicians will start with a mapped-out work plan that shows areas that need attention. Our pricing is based on the size of your building and the type of construction.

Atkins offers two forms of treatment:

  • Chemical treatment with a product that provides a biological control that works well with social insects like termites. “Worker” termites carry the control product back to the colony, where they preen and feed each other and the queen, resulting in control of the infestation.
  • Baiting system placed around the exterior of the building. The system uses a wood “bait” that attracts termites and, if activity is found, a product is inserted in the stations. The product is carried back to the colony, resulting in its elimination. The baiting system is checked and serviced regularly by Atkins technicians.

With either system, the treatment is applied in the soil around the outside of your building. In some cases, it may be necessary to foam walls in a small area inside the building.

Our Guarantee

When we do a termite preventive application at your home or business, we guarantee the results for one year. If termites are found on your property within a year of our services, we will retreat your property at no cost to you.

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